tattoo alternatives and summer vacation

so Cassandra wants me to tell you about my summer vacation. but before i do that, one of my comments on the last post said i should get a fun piercing instead of a tattoo. they do have a point. a piercing is more day-to-day (rings and such), and if i decide not to put anything in it, it will eventually heal over. hmm... thanks for the idea, Jillian Christine! i'm really digging it! but getting back to what Cassandra said. i spend my summer like i spend all my summers. goofing off with Jensen and Andrew! we did all of our usual Meerewsen (all out names combined! haha, like it?) stuff. crazy bets and dares, childhood favorites, all those things. but that's all i feel like writing for now. bye!


i really want a tattoo!

the title says it all. i even went to the trouble of designing my own! i'd want it on the small of my back. also the pic isn't actual size. i'd want it a bit smaller. what do you think?


getting me through the days

andrew. that's basically what gets me through this crazy life of mine. andrew.

andrew, you said in your last comment that you can't make me smile when i'm sad. but little do you know that you're the only one i want to see when i get upset or when i feel like i could burst into tears at any moment. you save me. you're the best thing in my life.
i know how it sounds but i really mean it. thanks. for everything.



hey everyone! so basically this is a sporadically updated blog of my life and times. and i'll warn you know. i might seem a bit bipolar, but i'm just a little crazy. some days i'm depressed, some day's i'm bursting with happiness. but i can assure you this -- all of my clouds have a silver lining eventually.