to make you smile

yeah, i haven't posted in a while since i really loved my last story and it got two good reviews. so i'm a little hesitant to post something. but as they say in Bull Durham: moment's over, shut up. today i'm experimenting with points of view.
your arms holding me
i've never felt something so magical
never felt so safe and comfortable
you always make me happy
but you always look sad
i want to make you smile
i try my hardest
sometimes it works
but sometimes, one time
i accidentally made you cry
i didn't mean to
i'm sorry
i love you
and i always want you to be happy
because you make me happy
happiness is the best feeling ever
other than love
i love you
and you make me happy
so you must just be
the best person
in the whole world
so please
let me make you happy
let me make you smile
yes, for that poem i tried to write from the point of view of a baby/toddler. how did i do? could you tell? i tried to disguise it, but i'm not sure how i did. thoughts?

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