the leaver's song

haha it's not a song...
i'm back! i didn't drop off the face of the Earth! i don't have an excuse as to where i was. i just didn't feel like blogging. but i'm back! yay!
i live in a really small town, and there's always someone who wants to leave the town and go to a big city. so this is for them.
People say that life in a small town is amazing. They see it on TV and the read it in books. It puts this image in your head. An image of everyone getting along, everyone smiling, everyone loving. I can tell you from experience that it's ... kind of like that. Pretty close.
But there's always that one kid who wants out. More than anything they want to get out of the history, out of the hustle and bustle.
I hear that years ago, his name was Seth. He had a broken family and a broken heart. Everyone could always find something mean to say about him, and he wanted to get away. I guess it turns out that he couldn't get out, because his daughter goes to school with me. Or maybe he got out but came back. I don't know.
A few years later, it was Sara. She was pregnant with an unexpected child, and she wanted to run from unrequited love. Run to Seattle. But she stood her ground. It was her town as much as it was his. Now her daughter is one of my best friends.
I always wonder why people want to get away from this town and go to a big city. Sure, it has it's flaws. Nothing is perfect. I guess they want a taste of the world, the big scary thing outside the limits of our little slice of the world. But I think we all belong here. And I'm glad Seth and Sara stayed.
yeah, i'm a little rusty on the story writing thing...


in a perfect world

In a perfect world, no one would hate, and everyone would love.
In a prefect world, no one would suffer.
In a perfect world, two people in love would be together forever without having to worry about the curveballs of life.
In a perfect world, a child would never have to suffer losing a parent, and a parent a child.
In a perfect world, the words "I love you" would be said at least once a day by everyone to everyone.
In a perfect world, school would be about friendship and education, not about fashion and cliques.
In a perfect world, a friend would walk into your life and never ever walk out.
In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as hatred, jealousy, malice, war, or revenge.
In a perfect world, no one would ever hit a child.
In a perfect world, people would kiss more often than fight.
In a perfect world, the rich would give to the poor.
In a perfect world, the full would give to the hungry.
In a perfect world, love would mean more than sex.
In a perfect world, the world wouldn't have this many imperfects that would cause me to with for a perfect world.


to make you smile

yeah, i haven't posted in a while since i really loved my last story and it got two good reviews. so i'm a little hesitant to post something. but as they say in Bull Durham: moment's over, shut up. today i'm experimenting with points of view.
your arms holding me
i've never felt something so magical
never felt so safe and comfortable
you always make me happy
but you always look sad
i want to make you smile
i try my hardest
sometimes it works
but sometimes, one time
i accidentally made you cry
i didn't mean to
i'm sorry
i love you
and i always want you to be happy
because you make me happy
happiness is the best feeling ever
other than love
i love you
and you make me happy
so you must just be
the best person
in the whole world
so please
let me make you happy
let me make you smile
yes, for that poem i tried to write from the point of view of a baby/toddler. how did i do? could you tell? i tried to disguise it, but i'm not sure how i did. thoughts?